Sports Injury Recovery Time: Slow and Steady but Start Early

Posted by on Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Sports injury rehab is a sore subject for most athletes. It takes the average person a month or two for exercise to become a habit, but once it does, it’s an integral part of your life. To stop because of an injury can feel like a rug’s been pulled out from beneath you. The advice for recovery used to be to “just take it easy.” Not only was that almost impossible for driven athletes, but it could also make things worse.

sports injury recovery time
Swimming is a great way to stay in shape while recovering from injury. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons user Cpl. Justin Wheeler )

High School Athlete Bounces Back After Successful Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

Posted by on Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Imagine winning a 3,200-meter run in 10 minutes, 28.25 seconds. Then they nominate you as  “The Press Female Track and Field Athlete of the Year”. Now imagine being able to achieve all of that – pain-free – after having foot surgery to treat plantar fasciitis. This is what happened to Southern Regional High School Senior Kaitlyn Mooney’s. Foot surgery is difficult, but Kaitlyn Mooney shows that diligence and self-care can lead to a speedy and healthy recovery.

plantar fasciitis surgery
High school senior Kaitlyn Mooney was able to return to running pain-free after plantar fasciitis surgery. (Image credit: Flickr CC user Steven Pisano)

How to Prevent Long-Term Complications from Ankle Sprains

Posted by on Monday, July 18th, 2016

You’ve slipped, tripped, and twisted your ankle. You’ve seen the doctor but months later, you’re still wincing with pain every time your foot makes contact with the floor. What gives?

Approximately 2 million Americans sprain their ankles every year. 60-70% of them will wind up in emergency rooms that lack the specialized knowledge needed to address such an injury. At best, at any foot and ankle specialist’s office, roughly 30% of patients with an ankle sprain will go on to suffer chronic instability or pain. We’ve got the answers on how to do your best in preventing long-term complications.

Long-Term Complications From Ankle Sprains
Could be a sprain or a fracture? Get an MRI to know for sure. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons user Boldie)

Man Suffers Non-Healing Toe Wound Due to Stiletto-Induced Injury

Posted by on Friday, July 15th, 2016

As NYC foot specialists, we never like to hear about horrible foot injuries, yet we’re aware the general public loves a good, strange story.

The Herald Sun reports that a Melbourne man spent four years recovering from a bizarre toe injury involving a pair of high heels. The injury occurred when Jackson Wood’s left toe was accidentally stabbed by a stiletto as a woman stumbled across the grass at a backyard barbecue. Years later, he still doesn’t know who invited the woman to the party—or why someone would wear heels at this type of event. “Maybe she was just new to the whole barbecue scene, I just don’t know,” he said.

non-healing toe wound
Think twice before wearing stilettos at a backyard BBQ. You could ruin someone’s life—other than your own! (Image Source: Flickr CC user HeelsandFeet)

Avlusion Fracture and Recovery End Robert Young’s World Record Attempt

Posted by on Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Imagine running 2.5 marathons every single day for a month and a half. This was essentially what Robert Young signed up for when he decided to try to break the 36-year-old record for the fastest trans-America run, traveling by foot from Huntington Beach, California to New York City in roughly 45 days.

Sadly, Young’s bid ended prematurely just outside Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday, June 18th after he ran 36 days straight for more than 2,000 miles. According to Runner’s World“The a 33-year-old ultrarunner from London sustained a broken right fifth toe and cellulitis.” The old trans-American run record, set by Frank Giannino Jr. in 1980,  still stands at 46 days, 8 hours, and 36 minutes.

avulsion fracture healing time
Imagine running two and a half of these each day! Before a fifth metatarsal fracture put a stop to his plans, runner Robert Young was having no problem with it. (Image credit: Flicker CC user JBLM MWR)

Non-Invasive Treatment Options for Coping with Foot Pain

Posted by on Monday, July 11th, 2016

Sports medicine doctors see a lot of people who want the “latest and greatest” medications to deal with the chronic pain they are suffering, as well as people who are willing to immediately go under the knife as a perceived “quick fix” to their longstanding troubles.

The answer that many do not expect to hear, though, is that there are often surprisingly simple answers to big pain problems. Sure, we have board-certified podiatric surgeons in office, as well as the latest technology in the field. Yet, why spend the money on these procedures if you don’t have to?

Medications designed to treat foot pain are also often avoidable as they frequently do little to fix the root cause of your suffering – rather, they merely dull the pain signals. Or perhaps you’re of the patient class that prefers, instead, to handle the pain in a non-invasive way. If so, this post is for you as we’ll go over a few simple remedies for managing foot, ankle and toe pain without surgery or medication.

foot pain treatment options
Non-Invasive and Medication-Free Foot Pain Treatment Options (Image Source: Flickr CC user frankieleon)

Patient Success Story: Hammertoe Surgery Finally Fixes a “Floppy” Pinky Toe

Posted by on Friday, July 8th, 2016

We see so many people suffering from chronic, crippling pain that we always love hearing patient success stories. And we love it even more when we can be the ones to help achieve amazing results for people with seemingly impossible foot, ankle, and toe problems. One of our patients at The Center For Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine – who we’ll call “C.H.” – has agreed to let us share her “floppy toe” story.

hammertoe surgery
Got a floppy toe? Not sure where to turn? Try Dr. Mariola Rivera, a board-certified foot and ankle specialist at The Center For Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in NYC. (Image Source: Twitter user @drmariolarivera)

MBA News: Posterior Tibial Tendinitis Treatment Necessary for Mariners’ Taijuan Walker

Posted by on Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Taijuan Walker pitched three innings, but then something went wrong. “After throwing a 3-2, 93-mph fastball that Corey Dickerson hit off the wall for a triple, Taijuan Walker had an awkward little hop after the delivery,” reported the Seattle Times. Moments later, he was walking off the field with head athletic trainer Rick Griffin, manager Scott Servais, and pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre. Rookie Edwin Diaz pitched the rest of the game in his stead. The official word at the time was “an aggravated right Achilles” – but after being examined, the injury was described as “posterior tibial tendinitis.” What happened to Walker? Our NYC podiatrists break it down.

Posterior Tibial Tendinitis treatment
The Posterior Tibial Tendon connects to the inner arch of the foot and goes up the ankle and heel to the calf muscle. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons via Henry Vandyke Carter)

3-D Technology Is Revolutionizing Late-Stage Avascular Necrosis Treatment

Posted by on Monday, July 4th, 2016

If you suffer through a high impact injury like a car crash or an accident with heavy machinery, you may wind up in our office being treated for a bone fracture. But some of our patients face an additional complication: These types of fractures sometimes lead to avascular necrosis, also called osteonecrosis – or “death of the bone,” if your Greek is a little fuzzy.

When you suffer from this condition, the healing process fails to work as it should, causing your bone tissue to break down faster than your body can repair it. As the disease progresses, your  bone collapses and your joint surface degrades, causing limited motion and arthritis pain.

There are a number of risk factors for this complication, but it sometimes afflicts patients who are otherwise perfectly healthy. Thankfully, 3-D printing technology can provide a life-changing treatment for patients who can’t be helped through traditional measures.

new avascular necrosis treatment
High impact ankle injuries sometimes lead to avascular necrosis. New 3D printing technology is changing how we treat severe cases of the disease. (Image Source: Flickr CC user Ted Eytan)

Why Does My Foot Still Hurt after Stepping on Glass? Podiatrists Explain

Posted by on Friday, July 1st, 2016

“I had foot surgery after stepping on broken glass and two months on, my foot still hurts,” one unhappy woman describes. Her stitches dissolved, but she still experienced discomfort while walking – as though a “hard mass” was under her foot. “Is this normal? Could it be a callus formation or something similar causing these symptoms?” the woman asks.

Most glass puncture wounds are not serious and heal on their own without incident. Naturally, as doctors, we’ll tell you there’s no substitute for a professional examination if you want to prevent complications, but you may also find some of what we’re about to tell you helpful in your quest for answers.

stepping on glass
Worried about your foot after stepping on glass? Find out what may still be causing you pain. (Image Source: