Easy Ways To Beat Winter Foot Cramps

Posted by on Monday, February 20th, 2017

An estimated 75 percent of all adults will experience a foot cramp at some point in their lives. The likelihood is even greater among pregnant women, swimmers, asthma sufferers, people on medication for cholesterol, children, firefighters, and athletes. It’s also more likely to occur at night and in the winter months. No one is exactly sure what causes a foot cramp, but our best guess is that the nerves go a little haywire and cause muscle contractions. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance seem to have a direct link to spasms, but that’s not always the case. Pregnant women with foot cramps have blood vessels that retain more fluid, which dilutes electrolytes. The severe pain of a foot Charley horse might have you thinking you’ll need a foot amputation for sure, but usually, that’s not the case. Here are a few ways to get relief from a foot cramp and signs you need to get your feet checked out by a foot care professional.

foot spasm
Is your foot Charley horse a cause for concern? (Image Source: Wikipedia.org)

Know Before You Go: Take A Virtual Walking Tour of Central Park

Posted by on Friday, February 17th, 2017

If you’ve never been to New York City’s Central Park, the thought of navigating its 843 acres can seem daunting. The six-mile perimeter stretches from Central Park West to Fifth Avenue, and from 59th to 110th. Here’s the good news: You can now take a virtual walking tour of Central Park before you plan your visit.

central park
New York’s Central Park is massive but well worth planning a visit. (Image Source: Wikimedia.org)

Who Was The Man Behind The NYC Marathon’s Wild Success?

Posted by on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

The former director of the NYC Marathon, Allan Steinfeld, passed away on January 24th, 2017, at age 70. He had suffered from multiple systems atrophy, a rare neurological disorder which impairs blood pressure and heart rate, among other essential functions. Our New York City foot doctors are sad to see this bright light in local road race administration burn out. We’ve worked the sidelines of the NYC Marathon for many years and have seen first-hand the great impact Steinfeld had on the world-famous course, which Steinfeld once described as the City’s annual “block party for 26.2 miles.”

nyc marathon
The logistical genius of Allan Steinfeld is said to have facilitated the NYC Marathon’s enormous growth over the years. (Image Source: Wikimedia.org)

EpiFix Grafts Revolutionize Diabetic Foot Wound Care in NYC

Posted by on Monday, February 13th, 2017

The normal phases of healing are: injury, inflammation, proliferation of cells, and remodeling. Chronic injuries get stuck at the inflammatory stage and cannot progress toward repairing. Treatment is complex, though. It’s about more than just getting inflammation under control, explain the foot doctors at The Center For Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in NYC.

“There are many types of medications designed to handle inflammation,” explains Dr. Josef J. Geldwert, “but we find the application of grafting and injection therapy containing natural healing factors to have more dramatic effect on the repair process.” EpiFix is one of the new graft products revolutionizing diabetes foot care.

EpiFix has had amazing results for diabetic foot wound care in clinical trials. (Image Source: FosterWebMarketing.com)

NY Podiatrists Explain the Benefits of Wearing Driving Shoes

Posted by on Friday, February 10th, 2017

Hopefully you know better than to wear high heels or flip-flops while piloting a motor vehicle. Heels create a lot of space between the bottom of your foot and the pedal, impeding your ability to brake suddenly in an emergency situation. Flip-flops can slip and get caught underneath the pedal, causing a distraction as you search for the right pedal. In fact, one study of 750 women found that 10% of those surveyed admitted they’d had an accident or a near miss due to wearing inappropriate shoes which slipped or got stuck under the pedals. Many people smugly laugh at the notion of wearing either shoe to drive—but fail to realize that driving in athletic shoes or work boots could be a hazard as well.

Driving shoes help keep your feet safe when on the road.
Don’t get caught up in your pedals. Wear a pair of driving shoes. Image Source: Pixabay user Rakin.

Why Pilates Lovers Should Seek Professional Care for Ankle Flexor Inpingement

Posted by on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

You’ve been doing Pilates for weeks or even months now. You really enjoy the zen-like calm you get from your sessions, and you feel your body growing stronger day by day. There is just one problem—you have this vague ankle pain and swelling that makes it difficult to point or pull the toes up. Flexor impingement syndrome of the ankle is a common issue among Pilates lovers, but it’s still something you should have a professional podiatrist examine.

Pay attention to any ankle pain during Pilates!
Pay attention to any ankle pain during Pilates! Image Source: Flickr user Centro Culturale Khatawat.

Patient Success Story: Mom With A Pain In The Bunion

Posted by on Monday, February 6th, 2017

Dr. Geldwert at Hamptons MarathonIt’s safe to say that most of us wear many hats in our day-to-day lives. We’re okay with more comfortable apparel at home on the weekends, but we also go to work and dress up for special occasions. We have active pursuits that we enjoy. Some of us have pets, spouses, and children relying on us for care and attention.

No one has time to be laid up with a foot injury for weeks on end. Bunions have a habit of really slowing down our patients, which can be not only physically painful but mentally frustrating as well.

We completely understood the situation faced by a busy mother of three when she came to us complaining of painful bunions that had dogged her for over three years.

NYC Podiatrist Recommended Running Routes: Riverside Park

Posted by on Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Looking for a good run in the NYC area to break up the monotony? NYC foot and ankle specialists at The Center For Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine recommend Riverside Park, which spans four miles from 72nd to 158th streets. Situated along the scenic Hudson River and designed by famed developer Frederick Law Olmsted, Riverside Park is widely regarded as Manhattan’s “most spectacular” waterfront run.

riverside park run
You’ll love the view of cherry blossoms on the Riverside Park run, but that’s not all — you also have spectacular waterfront scenery! (Image Source: Wikimedia.org)

Ed Whitlock: 85 And Still Winning Marathons

Posted by on Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

In October, 85-year-old Ed Whitlock became the oldest person to finish the 26.2 miles of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in less than four hours. Our NYC podiatrists are always fascinated by these larger-than-life personalities who have somehow evaded all the typical signs of old age and stuck with a rigorous training schedule without injury. Here’s Ed’s story …

RICE Treatment For Sprains: Are You Doing It All Wrong?

Posted by on Monday, January 30th, 2017

The traditional prescription for foot and ankle sprains has always been “RICE” — rest, ice, compression, and elevation. It sounds simple enough for patients to do at home, but researchers say the rules need a little explaining — and some updating, too. Naturally, our NYC podiatrists want you to come in for an evaluation before you attempt to self-diagnose and treat yourself.

nyc podiatrists
Is the RICE method of treating a sprain outdated? Is it backed by research? Are you doing it all wrong? NYC podiatrists explain. (Image Source: VISMMD.com)